Monday, 12 December 2011

Quartier latin: The great escape.

Hello! How have you been? Are you getting into the holiday mood? It's bloody madness over here. Every other person is out shopping and walking around the streets with more goodie bags than their little hands can carry. I tried going into a toy shop on Saturday to have a "look around" and walked straight out. I didn't see much other than hasty people and tempted kids. Not for me. Thank you, but no thank you. I'll be doing all my shopping on line from the comfort of my couch and maybe taking a day off for the remaining bits & bobs. The pressies this year are also going to be simple and useful. I read this quote on Claudia's blog the other day which gave me food for thought: "A good friend told me that they just focus on four gifts for their children: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read"... the best gift guide, don't you think?

I woke up on Sunday craving for a trip to a museum or an exhibition - something I use to do lots of in my pre-baby life. So we jumped in the car and drove off to the Latin quarter to visit the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution at Paris' Natural History Museum. The little man was euphoric. Animals + space to run + others kiddies = hours of fun! It was such a fascinating and timeless museum. A true getaway for the mind. We came back to the reality just long enough to cross the street (literally) before entering a whole new world as we stepped foot inside the restaurant of Paris' mosque. In a traditional North African decor, we had the most exquisite lunch which brought back fond memories my frequent travels to Morocco when I'd visit my parents were living in Tangier. On the menu: tagine for me, couscous for the Mr. and a bit of both for the little man; followed by mint tea and pastries, which we weren't able to finish so a little birdie came and helped us. How very nice of her.

Restaurant de la Mosquée de Paris
39, rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire
75005 Paris

Muséum national de l'histoire naturelle
Grande galerie de l'évolution
Jardin des Plantes
36, rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire
75005 Paris


  1. I'm slacking on my christmas shopping this year too, trying to avoid the herds. Most of what I've giving is handmade though.

    I've really been wanting to take E to a museum.. I'm going to try to do so over my winter break!

    ps. that little bird is too sweet.

  2. I love the restaurant by the mosquée ! i felt like i was really in morocco again !

  3. Sounds like a great family outing. I like that little mantra to follow when shopping for little ones - it's so easy to go overboard but that outline is perfect!

  4. It sounds like the best day! How awesome is the tiling and crockery at the moroccan restaurant. Just thinking about tagine is making my mouth water ... Kellie xx

  5. J'adore la grande galerie et la mosquée c'est tellement beau. Déjà fait le hammam? c'est trop bon...
    on dirait que tu t'es payé un objectif dis donc ! very cool pics. J'adore celle du vélo.

    I like the guide to presents for kids but 4 gifs, that's a lot, isn't it? My little boy will have one gift from his parents !

  6. sounds like the perfect way to spend the day! and i love that gift buying motto.

  7. @Alienor - non, pas fait le hammam. ce sera pour la prochaine fois quand j'irai babyless. et oui, j'ai eu un 50mm pour mon anniv. merci jf! bises a vous xx

  8. Great gift advice for a spouse too! And I love the restaurant at the mosque of Paris - best mint tea I've ever had. If I tried to pour it the way they did at the table it'd be all over the floor though!


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