Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bread loaf.

Lack of time and good will are keeping me from maintaining this space up to date like I would like to at the moment. Blame it on my end of year to do list which is never ending -- I always seem to adding items to it, never ticking anything off. Do you have that same problem? So while I'll be away this week fretting about various deadlines and running after time, I leave you with this hilarious bread loaf*. Smile!

* Mr. Franglais says you're going to think I'm weird for posting this picture, but I'm hoping some of you out there have the same sense of humour as me. I hate this webbie abbreviation, but I seriously lololed when I saw it!

{via Think Big Chief}


  1. Tee hee!! I was expecting a recipe and then realised it wasn't *actually* a loaf of bread!!! Thank you for making me smile. Maybe I'm weird too...

  2. Yes, I have the same 'ticking' problem ;)
    This photo is hilarious!!

  3. hi hi hi, this is funny cute!

  4. It just took me ages to work out what that actually was! SO WEIRD. I can't stop looking. Kellie xx

  5. Ha! That is so funny and cute :) p.s. They were collegien slippers....so worth it xx

  6. I'm with Kellie. That is so weird. Funny, but weird.

    And I'm with you on the lists. Always adding, never crossing off. xx

  7. This actually disturbs me...yet I can't look away. Don't worry, I have a strange sense of humour as well which has been known to get me in a bit of strife!
    This time of year is definitely crazy. It'll all be worth it when we're stuffing our faces full of food on Xmas day. Btw, do you guys celebrate it on the 24th or the 25th? xx
    I bought the leggings after seeing your post. I'm not brave enough to buy some for me!

  8. Moi aussi, ca me fait beaucoup rire !!!

  9. Glad to see some of you have the same weird humour as me :)

    @Bianca - I always only celebrated on the 25th but now that I am with a half frog/half roastbeef, we do both! As the leggings, i know what you mean. i also haven't dared buying myself a pair (yet!). xx


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