Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Yellow. Winter. Women. Work.

Autumn 2011 has been unusually warm and dry on our side of the globe; like a treat to make up for the summer we never had. But with Xmas fast approaching, I'm (sort of, brrrr!) looking forward to colder days. Big woolly sweaters, hot baths, steaming cups of tea, and snuggles on the couch under a warm blanket. There's just something irresistibly charming about winter.

On a completely different note, I thought you might want to know -- since this blog's readership is mainly (if not solely) female -- about this special report on 'Women & Work' in The Economist of this week. The country comparisons are particularly interesting. So what do you say, shall we all pack our bags and move to Scandinavia? 


  1. It looks so gorgeous in all your pictures - dreamy, you might say. I think I'll move to Scandinavia for some part of the year (not all, too cold!)

  2. It's my dream to live in Scandinavia somewhere. Sigh. We've been having toasty weather as of late too and we also had a very shitty 'summer'. BUT, snow is forecast to arrive on the weekend. Fingers crossed. Or as they say here in Germany, Daumen Drücken! xx

  3. Ps What is the name of that fruit/vegie in the 4th photo??

  4. I know what you mean about the toastyness of the winter so far. I need a frost to get me into the Christmas spirit.

    Love that picture of a toadstool by the way. For some reason i'm rather obsessed with them right now. They're rather magical, don't you think? xx

  5. Ha I've just read Nell's comment about the toadstool and I was going to say the same thing,... it must be an autumn thing. Gorgeous images (as always) the silver birches are just stunning. xx

  6. thanks for the article! will give me something to read with my afternoon coffee :). and the photo of that mushroom is magical! looks like something straight out of a storybook. happy December!

  7. i just found your blog and I can't stop going through the archives because your pictures are amazing!! i lived in paris for one year and seeing all these really makes me want to come back, leave everything behind and have a little studio in 11ème.
    you've gained a new fan :)

  8. Yes! I'm dying to go to Scandinavia anyway, and they have the best social policies ever. Let's do it!

    Lovely shots by the by. xo


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