Friday, 13 January 2012


A few photos of our little four day getaway to London the week before last. I luurve London and could totally see myself living there one day. People are generally so much nicer and friendlier than in Paris, it always takes me a day or two to adjust, i.e. take down my anti-aggression shield. We were there between boxing day and new year and it was by far one of the best times to visit: the city was e.m.p.t.y! A real treat.

On our first day, we woke up late, filled our bellies on a full English breakfast (grazie Isabella!) and headed off on foot through Holland Park and Kensington Gardens, to the V&A. I wanted to see the new photo collection about the history of photography. It was an amazing travel through time. You can find pieces by Henri Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus, Irving Penn, Man Ray, Lee Miller, to name a few of my favourite. It is truly worthwhile and you can see it all for free (I always forget that museums are free in London which makes it a pleasant surprise).

Day two was a crazy shopping day. Bond street, Oxford street, Carnarby street, Liberty's... we shopped until we dropped! Everything is much cheaper than in Paris now so it was all a bargain for us. One little gem of a shop our friend showed us was Skandium. It was filled with the most sumptous Scandinavian goodies... which I managed to resist but it was hard. Instead, I privileged buying a few cute little outfits for our wee man as clothes for little ones in the UK are more vibrant and whimsical than what we get in Paris. Our exhausting consumeristic day ended with our must-have curry on Brick Lane - a classic, yum!

The following day we visited some of my relatives in south London and met our new baby cousin (once or twice removed, I can never remember) who is so adorable and teeny weeny.

And before our trip back on our last day, we went for an expeditive walk around the picturesque Notting Hill to check out Fara Kids, a charity shop recommended by my friend Vanessa. I came out with an awesome pair of red jeans and an indoor football (the boy was ecstatically pleased with his pressie) for less than 10 pounds. Not bad me thinks, when the neighboring shops would almost be ready to charge you for looking at their clothes.

Wishing you all a happy weekend. I'll see you back here on Monday. x


  1. Yay! Glad you had a nice time. Nice to hear what you got up to - sounds perfect. Funny enough, I was just thinking this evening, whilst putting Bertie to bed that I might try and get down to Skandium tomorrow for a browse. It’s a lovely shop, that’s for sure - especially all the Marimekko :) Must try and get to Fara Kids one of these days. It’s a bit out of my zone, but looks like it’ll be worth a trip one day. have a happy weekend x

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time :-). I have never heard someone sprouting so many positives about London and I used to live there! Admittedly, my sister always loved going there also for the bargain hunting.

    Sal x

  3. Oh, London. I miss it so. I could see myself living there too. It was one of those places that just felt so familiar.

  4. Lovely photos! One day i would like to be in London too! Happy weekend!

  5. HOe lucky are you popping over to London for the week! not me... it is a long plane trip form here!

  6. Great bunch of photos. i want to pop over to
    london too! Kellie xx

  7. Que lindo! As fotos estão muito bonitas! Engraçado você dizer que ai em Londres as pessoas são mais amigáveis... a gente acaba não lembrando disso quando pensa nas viagens que fizemos...
    A minha cunhada mudou para Londres tem alguns meses. Ela tem 2 filhos gêmeos (uma menina e uma menino) e estão morando no Chelsea (?). Estão adorando viver ai.
    Te desejo muita sorte! Um grande abraço, Lenita.

  8. Thanks for your kind words.

    @ Kerry - next time we'll have to meet up with the little ones! As for the Marimekko, it was damn hard to resist!

    @ Sal - I think there's a bit of "the grass is always greener on the other side" with my views on London, but still... I really do love the place and feel at home there funny enough.

    @ Kellie - Eurostar = best invention evah! :)

  9. Glad to hear you had a great time from one city to another :)

  10. England is my dream destination! way back on the family lines, my family is from England!

  11. how fun! I've always wanted to visit London. Glad you had a wonderful time!

  12. oh suddenly I just got a big urge to go back to London for a visit! These photos are beautiful!


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