Monday, 16 January 2012

L'hiver est là.

Bonjour! A few random photos from our weekend. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, the air was freezing, and we the light was... dear (for the sake of rhyming, eh). First time this year it actually felt like winter. We hung out in our neighbourhood all weekend which was delightfully relaxing. I know we aren't moving into our new place until another couple of months, but I am already starting to feel nostalgic of our vie de quartier. I suppose it's normal though, right? After almost six years (blimey, six years!)...time flies.

ps: 1. Pompom garland (which I've finally hung) from this lady (whom I hope is having a baby right now!); 2. Dried bouquet I received when L. was born; 3. Blanca Gomez's city prints (I've got Paris & London).


  1. Isn't the weather beautiful! I can put up with the cold when it's so lovely and sunny. Looks like we were both making the most of the weekend with our little peeps xxx

  2. Loooovely photos! L looks so cute all bundled up.

  3. Thank you for the recommendation, I just ordered the vespa print from Blanca Gomez!

  4. it looks imply beautiful. when we were in paris we stayed right in the 16 e and it was superb. what a lucky girl you are.

  5. Beautiful shots! Every time I read your blog I want to buy a plane ticket to Paris! xx

  6. Gorgeous photos! Sounds like the perfect weekend.

    I can completely relate to the nostalgia you're feeling. We'll be moving from our little apartment in the city to a bigger house in a quiet neighborhood in 6 months and though I'm so excited for the space and peace and quiet, I can't help but feel a little sad and nostalgic every day we have left here. Enjoy your time and I'm sure your next home is going to be just as wonderful!

  7. Those pom poms - oh how I love those pom poms!! And the London print. My husband is English but lived with me in Australia for the last 11 years - this would make a perfect gift don't you think!!
    Love your style!


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