Wednesday, 3 November 2010

City prints.

Remember the city prints by Blanca Gómez? At last, they are available in her wonderful shop.
Ready, steady, shop!  (I've just bought London and Paris for our home).


  1. Ohh I love this print:) Kisses,sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today, please join in!

  2. Oooh! I love these, too.

    I wanted to stop by to thank you for your kind post.

    I've been so busy the past few weeks, and I feel very disconnected to the blog world. ;)

    I hope all is well in Paris, and I can't WAIT to get back. ;)

  3. Hi there ! Lovely prints as always :)
    Vraiment ils sont canons... Je me prendrais bien Paris et New York
    Au fait, ton commentaire d'hier sur L. m'a fait rire, je crois qu'O sera aussi 'a confused bilingual'... pauvres kids :) xx

  4. I love these. I wish she did one for Melbourne!

  5. oh so cute. i love all the prints. the london paris one is perfect for your home! i really liked the nyc paris prints from the other week and would like to get one of those...

  6. Hello there, thank you for your messages on my blog. You are also raising a little half breed, n'est-ce pas? Wait until L starts talking, it's brilliant. "Le canard dit quack quack", "enleve sock", "pas stop it" (when I tell her to stop it!). You have a lovely blog and thank you for the tip on Toby Tiger. Bx

  7. Bonjour,

    J'adore ce que fait Blanca Gomez !

  8. I always love prints like these...especially the cities that you've lived in or have traveled to...takes you back.
    Julie xo

  9. Awesome. They'll look fab xx

  10. Her prints are wonderful! Thanks for introducing them to me :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. a happy belated birthday to you!
    your little guy is SO adorable!

    great print too :-)

  12. Love, love Bianca's prints, they're so charming! They always remind me of something out of an old french text book. :)


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