Friday, 9 July 2010

5 mois

It feels like just yesterday I was writing about baby L. being four months old, but when I see how much he has changed since that last post, I realise how much time has passed. He is now close to sitting upright and - in his own way - manages to hold his bottle on his own. Squealing, giggling and rolling over are his daily fun, and he still loves chewing away on Sophie (we are waiting for those teef!). The funniest, is that after swaping the dummy for his thumb, he has now decided he prefers his big toe. As one does.


  1. so cute! the funny thing is though, the toe looks so natural for him..... baby yoga!

  2. You're right, could be baby yoga!

  3. oh look at him playing with his toes.. so adorable! ... and flexible!


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