Saturday, 9 October 2010

8 mois.

4 pattes

Baby L. is eight months old today and is changing so much every week, let alone every month. Today, it is funny to watch this little bub who survived only on milk for the first six months of his life, eat fish, meat, veggies, fruits, yogurts with so much appetite. He is still teething lots (three new upper teeth in one week, ouch!) and loves a good chat. This week he also started properly crawling, versus bum-shuffling and pulling himself forward on his hands. It is so amazing to watch him grow. I remember when he was born, a friend of mine had a baby the age that L. is right now and at the time, I couldn't even imagine L. sitting, crawling, babbling or eating solids. It seemed way too far into the future. Yet here we are, eight months down the line my baby is becoming a toddler. Already. And the best part is that each stage is repeatedly better than the previous; and when it feels like it can't possibly get any better being a mum, it marvelously always does.

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  1. aw this is such a sweet post :). love the photo!!

  2. A really lovely post and he still looks pretty teeny to me. He's blasted cute, that's for sure!

  3. Trop mignon... Ca m'a presque mis la larme à l'oeil! C'est tellement vrai... et si joliment dit!

  4. So sweet! I can still remember when my boy started crawling! It doesn't seem like that long ago... yet he is already four!


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