Sunday, 9 January 2011

11 mois.


Our little man is 11 months old today. Crazy. In a month, he will be one. I will have one-year old kid. How is that possible? It was only yesterday that I gave birth. Soon he is going to announce he is off to uni.

This past month, little big L. learned to stand on his own and walk when we hold his hands! It is unbelievable to watch him be so proud of his first steps. He also ate Japanese food (a cucumber maki which he devoured in seconds!), met his French cousins, had fun being pushed on a swing and got a semi-trendy hair cut (by me, yikes) - all this for the first time. He still has no new teeth but I suppose the four that came out in one month during the fall have been more than enough to handle. And speaking of teeth, the little monster bit me for the first time the other day. I told him not to touch something and put my leg in front to stop him when "snap!", his sharp toothies were in my leg. So I bit him back. Nooo, I'm just kidding (Sunday joke!). I was utterly shocked although I could sense this 'testing the limits' phase was slowly creeping up on us. I guess we have officially just embarked on a new parenthood ride; one where we are going to (learn to) teach little big L. right from wrong.

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Update 11/1/11: little big L. took his first ever step this morning. One tiny step, but a step nontheless! How exciting to think that he will be walking soon.


  1. Happy 11 months!! Lenny is 11 months in just over a fortnight and like you I can't believe/fathom that I will have a one year old next month. So cliched, but the time goes by soooooo quickly. We gave Lenny some Japanese last week and he loved it too. So cute seeing their little reactions to new flavours and textures. I haven't had a bite yet, but am sure it's not too far away!

  2. Aww, such a bittersweet time! It seems to go by quicker the older they grow. :(

  3. My oldest is 13 and I still think it was yesterday I had her!

  4. His hair looks great, well done! Oh I laughed at the biting story. Our little man is three months younger than Little Big L, so that's something we have to look forward to hey! Eeek!

  5. That was a funny joke my friend! He is so cute! They definitely grow up really fast, even when they're not your own! My nieces and nephews are so old these days, the youngest is 5 and it breaks my heart!

  6. He is one gorgeous boy, that's for sure. Especially with his rather skilled haircut (good work mama!).

    Loving the Sunday jokes xx

  7. Happy 11 months little L! Loved your Sunday joke...gave me a laugh :)

  8. Hello poulette, comment ca va ?
    Il est decidement vraiment trop chou ce petit L... ils grandissent tous trop vite, a peine 12 mois et hop c'est fini ce ne sont plus des bebes du tout mais des petit(e)s mini-mecs et mini-nanas qui savent exactement ce qu'il veulent... Le mien aura 2 ans dans 4 mois et j'arrive pas a le croire.
    Bisous xxx

  9. yup, that's the nitty gritty of parenting...teaching them right from wrong. happy 11 months little one!

  10. Aww he is such a cutie. Its amazing how fast they grow and develop into amazing litttle kiddos with many cool skills and fun habits:)
    Have a fantastic day,sweetie

  11. 11 months! They have minds of their own, don't they? ;)

  12. Hi Carrie,

    This is so exciting!!! Max is 'walking' but only holding the furniture or touching the walls... which I think is amazing already!

    It's so amazing how fast they grow really. BTW, not sure if I told you this before, but I love his new looks :-)



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